Mini S.

My 13 yr old son was charged in Fort bend County with resisting arrest and assault against a public servant, a police officer. I hired Jim Sullivan as his lawyer. Since we are new to Houston we did not know any attorneys. I did a Google search and found reviews, achievements and testimony from other lawyers about Jim Sullivan. After searching online for attorneys over several days I realized that Jim Sullivan is the best and I wanted the best for my son.
After Jim Sullivan met with us at his office for two hours, he said he would set the case for a jury trail on the first court setting unless the prosecutor dismissed the felony assault and agreed to a deferred prosecution on the misdemeanor resisting so that my son could get his cases dismissed and then get his record sealed. Jim Sullivan agreed my son did not cause the officer to get a broken finger during the arrest and the arrest itself was unlawful, however as he explained it is still illegal to resist an unlawful arrest.
Jim Sullivan then met with the prosecutor to discuss the case and to get a copy of the offense report and surveillance video. when we went to court a month later, Jim Sullivan did what he said he would do. He pressured the prosecutor to dismiss the felony and then during court hearing he persuaded the judge to give my son a deferred on the misdemeanor. For these reasons I recommend this humble and efficient lawyer to parents who wish the best for their children. He gave psychological support and good advice for my son. He told my son that he is very smart, but that he had to study harder to make better grades and especially straight A’s so that he could get into a top college. On the way back home my son told me he will call Jim Sullivan when he goes to college to inform him of his achievements. I thank God for giving me peace through attorney Jim Sullivan.

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