I am so glad that I met Attorney Jim Sullivan. He was very helpful and he calmed my nerves when I first met him. He spent over three hours talking to me and my father about ways to get my case resolved. He didn’t have to go this late but he took his time and explained everything thoroughly to me and explained step-by-step what needed to be done. Miss Nancy Botts, another lawyer that works with Jim, was also amazing and talked to me and my family about my case. She went out of her way to come and meet me because I was not allowed to stay with my family during the case. So she met with me and went over everything that happened and also met with my family and also wrote down what happened and took evidence of everything that went on. I was very nervous because I was facing a 1st degree felony of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon family violence. And that could’ve meant five years to life in prison. Never in my wildest dreams did I every imagine I would be in such a situation but fortunately Jim and Nancy saw the good in me and wanted to help me out. Because of their exhaustive and meticulous work my case was no billed by the grand jury in Fort Bend County. I appreciate everything Jim and Nancy have done and I will recommend them to anybody who inquires about criminal defense attorneys. Because of them I have my freedom and I will be able to continue to pursue my life’s goal in grad school.

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