Grateful Parents

When our 15 year old child was faced with a serious felony offense, Possession of Child Pornography, we did not know where to turn. Through research on Houston attorneys specializing in Juvenile Justice, we located Jim Sullivan. Based on his credentials and outstanding reviews, we contacted him regarding the situation. From the beginning, even before charges were filed, Sullivan provided excellent counsel. Even though it took a year for the police to conduct their investigation, he was continually available to answer questions and offer guidance. During this time he also listened to and advised our child not only regarding his situation, but on actions to take to help turn his life around. While not minimizing the severity of the situation, Sullivan nevertheless provided hope.

Throughout the court sessions, Sullivan always had our child’s best interest at heart. Given there was no question regarding guilt, he was very frank about potential outcomes and offered strategies to minimize repercussions. Even though the State would not drop the case, Sullivan was able to persuade the Court to take into consideration our child’s sincere remorse, professional counseling, probationary reports, school achievements, and community involvement. Through his representation, our child received deferred prosecution, and following the sealing of his records, an opportunity for a normal life.

Grateful Parents, Houston, Texas

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