Alyssa Smith

Jim Sullivan is a trusted lawyer. He helped to change my life by believing in me at my lowest point in my life. My case was a drug case i had all my money taken and my truck seized and I was facing time and more. Jim helped me get into an amazing 2 week long rehab instead of 6 months of jail rehab. The rehab He got me into was the best experience and gave me the strength to keep me sober. He was able to get me everything I wanted with my case and more. I ended up getting 2 years probation instead of jail time which i was so happy about because i have a family to take care of. He gave me the stepping stones to rebuild my life and I am so grateful to him. If u need a lawyer that is personable,that cares, and will spend the time to talk to u on the phone and explain everything to u he is the lawyer for u. If you don’t know who to trust u need to call him, he won’t let u down!!! Trust me I thought my life was over, but with his help it was just the beginning to a new start in my life which has turned out to be a huge blessing. Everything happens for a reason and I believe choosing Jim as my lawyer was meant to be and he proved it in all of his hard compassionate work.

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