In May 2017 our son was arrested on our own property and charged with deadly conduct after a group of teens tried to jump him after school. Our son cannot defend himself because of serious shoulder injuries. When one of the teens tried to shove me aside to get to him, our son went in the house and got an unloaded AR-15 to scare them off. Our son should not have had access to it, but our gun safe had mistakenly been left unlocked. The police arrived at that very moment and instead of arresting the teen that put his hands on me and threatened my son’s life, they arrested my son.

At the first detention hearing, a court-appointed attorney didn’t spend any time with us to learn the full story and couldn’t get my son released. My husband started searching for the Best Juvenile Defense Lawyers in Harris County. Well, we found the BEST when we hired Attorney Jim Sullivan. I called late in the evening after leaving the Juvenile Detention center and thought I would get an answering service but instead Jim answered the phone! He was very knowledgeable about Juvenile Law and took time to explain and also comfort me as we have never been in this situation before. After talking with Jim for an hour, we arranged to meet with him at his office. We knew from that very moment that he was God sent! He has a great story behind him as well! He genuinely cares about his clients and their future.

Jim Sullivan had told us about a deadly conduct case last year where the district court judge did not release his client, so he asked for and got a quick jury trial setting and then won that case at trial. It just so happened that our son’s case was assigned to the same judge’s court. At our first setting in court, Jim asked for a discretionary detention hearing. Jim told the judge that our son was innocent and that this was a trial or dismissal case. This time the judge agreed and released our son back home to us! About 6 weeks later, with Jim’s hard work and dedication, the deadly conduct charge was dismissed! We are forever grateful for Mr. Sullivan!

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