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TESTIMONIALS from Google Profile

Our 17 year old son who was falsely accused of aggravated sexual assault of a child. My son, my husband and I are truly grateful for your kindness, expertise, hard work and dedication to his case. Our son has Asperger’s syndrome (autism spectrum disorder), ADHD and other learning disabilities. Although I have been divorced from […]

Grateful Mother

I moved my family here 4 years ago from Indonesia. My kids have never been in the US before. My oldest son is a straight A student in high school and was trying to be a part of the crowd. He wanted to impress a girl that he met and found out how bad it […]

Larry B.

Being arrested for the first time, I wasn’t sure who to turn to for help. Long story short, I did something that I shouldn’t have, spanked me daughter with an umbrella. I was under a lot of stress and it didn’t help that her behavior was drastically changing for the worst. The next day I […]

Bebe C.

I issue my highest recommendation to Attorney Jim Sullivan, who proved to be an honest, hard-working professional that thoroughly defended my ex-husband and friend, Johnny, when he found himself in bleak circumstances. Johnny was charged with aggravated assault nine days after he shot a man in self-defense when the man broke into his home. On […]


Hiring James Sullivan was the best decision we could have made in a very bad situation. Our 16 year old son was charged as a juvenile with aggravated sexual assault of a child [in Montgomery County] and because of the age difference between him and the victim, the prosecutor was intent on a determinate sentence […]

Anonymous Parents

On March 4, 2016, my son was arrested and charged with aggravated assault in Montgomery County. Around 1am that night 5 men came to my son’s apartment in 2 different vehicles, one stolen along with guns, ski masks and gloves. My son heard them outside and looked from the balcony and saw one of them […]

Andreda C.

I must say Mr Sullivan is a man of his word. I have a pretty long record so when I had got arrested for Aggravated assault on a family member for my 3rd time, I seriously believed that there was NO hope, but I was wrong. Mr sullivan made sure to make my case a […]

Andrea D.

In late May of 2016 my 15 year old son was arrested and taken to the juvenile detention center for a felony crime he did not commit, Deadly Conduct. After being falsely accused and wrongfully admitted to the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center, I met with and hired Mr. Sullivan. He walked us through the […]

Marlyn M.

When our 15 year old child was faced with a serious felony offense, Possession of Child Pornography, we did not know where to turn. Through research on Houston attorneys specializing in Juvenile Justice, we located Jim Sullivan. Based on his credentials and outstanding reviews, we contacted him regarding the situation. From the beginning, even before […]

Grateful Parents

My 13 yr old son was charged in Fort bend County with resisting arrest and assault against a public servant, a police officer. I hired Jim Sullivan as his lawyer. Since we are new to Houston we did not know any attorneys. I did a Google search and found reviews, achievements and testimony from other […]

Mini S.