Choose Your Houston Juvenile Attorney Wisely

Ethics, Integrity, Honesty, Reliable, Reputable, Competent

In an ideal world, these qualities would describe all attorneys, but as so many dissatisfied, disheartened and disrespected former clients of some other lawyers have learned to their peril, it simply does not.

Suggestions on how to screen Houston juvenile attorneys:

1)  Is the attorney Board Certified in Juvenile Law?  This can be checked at the Texas Board of Legal Specialization website.

2)  Is the juvenile attorney rated well by other attorneys and clients?  This can be checked at the AVVO website.

3)  Has the attorney been sanctioned for misconduct by the Texas State Bar?  This can be checked at the Texas State Bar website.

4)  Does the attorney have any negative publicity on-line?  This can be checked by searching their name with Google or searching their name with the word attorney.

5)  Does the attorney receive large sums of money each year from handling court-appointed cases?  This can be checked at the website of the Harris County Auditor.  You can enter the attorney’s name in the window for Vendor Name.

6)  Does the attorney who receives income on court-appointed cases also contribute to the judicial campaigns of the judges?  This can be checked at the website of the Texas Ethics Commission. You can also learn much by reading articles in the Houston Chronicle or Houston Press.

The Defense Attorneys at James Sullivan and Associates are not interested in publicity, public accolades or recognition.  Even in high profile cases, they seek to shield their clients from publicity.  They are only interested in getting the best possible result for their clients.  Their fees are affordable and they are approachable.

James Sullivan is Board Certified in Juvenile Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  Juvenile Law is different than criminal law. Note: Among the more than 83,000 active lawyers in Texas, there are only 38 lawyers Board Certified in Juvenile Law in private practice.  The other 27 such lawyers work for the government.  Sullivan has received reviews by fellow attorneys and clients on AVVO, does not handle juvenile court-appointed cases and is not contributing to local juvenile judicial campaigns.

Attorney James Sullivan attended Baylor University and South Texas College of Law.  Sullivan has been married over 20 years, is a Christian and worships at a local Catholic Church.  Sullivan earned his Eagle Scout award at age 14.  If you need a Houston juvenile defense attorney, contact Sullivan at 281-546-6428 for a confidential consultation.

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