Houston Juvenile Attorney James Sullivan Counsels Youth to Seek Better Path


Harris County Juvenile Lawyer

Houston Juvenile Defense Attorney James (Jim) Sullivan spends hours with clients and their families, discussing legal strategy to defend their child and also life strategy to get their child on a better path.  Too many juveniles get lost in the system and later wind up in the criminal system as young as age 17.  Some youth die of drug use or criminal violence before they even have a meaningful chance at life.  Others grow up discouraged and disheartened–they have given up hope on ever getting ahead.  They grow up believing their lives have no real meaning or purpose.

Houston Juvenile Lawyer James Sullivan understands these troubled teens and connects with them in a way that few attorneys can because his teen years were also troubled.  Sullivan’s life story is unusual and unique, not because he knew great adversity, but because he persevered and overcame difficult obstacles that most others could not.  Sullivan shares his story, the life lessons, the wisdom and the strategies to get on a better path and to continue forward down that path with his juvenile and young adult clients because he wants his clients to be successful.

James Sullivan is Board Certified in Juvenile Law.  He is one of only 38 such lawyers in private practice in the entire Lone Star State.  Since 1994, Sullivan has defended juveniles and adults throughout Texas.

James Sullivan deeply cares for his juvenile clients, greatly desires that they get on a better path and succeed in life.  Sullivan also fights hard to keep them from having a juvenile or criminal record that will hinder them from obtaining a good job, attending a good school or joining the military.  If you need a Harris County Juvenile Lawyer, contact Attorney James Sullivan at 281-546-6428 for a confidential consultation.

Recently, as reported in the Houston Chronicle, a 17 year old female high school student in Forth Worth was killed while allegedly robbing the occupants of a house along with two 21 year old men.  What a wasted life.  This is exactly what Attorney Jim Sullivan counsels today’s youth to avoid–criminal behavior and associating with criminals.  Had this girl focused on her school work and only made friends with positive youth, she likely would have had a good and long life.  Fortunately, most of Sullivan’s clients connect with him, his message and strive to do better.

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — Fort Worth police say a high school student who was found shot to death had been robbing a house with two men when she was fatally wounded in an exchange of gunfire. Two other suspects were arrested.
Police revealed Saturday that 17-year-old Claudia Hidic of Fort Worth had been a suspect in the robbery, along with Curtis Fortenberry and Terrance Crumley, who are 21.
Police said in a news release that the three went to the house June 28 planning to rob the occupants. During the robbery gunshots were exchanged and Hidic was shot in the head. Her body was found near the back door of a home.
Police said Crumley turned himself in Saturday. Fortenberry was already in custody on unrelated charges. They are charged with felony murder.

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