Angleton / Brazoria County Criminal Lawyer James Sullivan Knows the Value of a Good Defense

Brazoria County Criminal Defense

NTLAAngleton Criminal Defense Lawyer James (Jim) Sullivan knows the value of a good legal defense.  With over 18 years of legal experience, he has represented thousands of clients and caused hundreds of cases to be dismissed, no billed by the grand jury or found not guilty by a jury.

The countless clients who were satisfied with his representation know the value of a good legal defense because their freedom, livelihood and family life were saved.  Too many accused pay little for their legal defense, get what they pay for and it ultimately costs them more than they can afford.  Others pay too much for their legal defense by lawyers who base their legal fees on the potential client’s income or residential area code or who charge an inflated flat fee which includes a trial, knowing that most criminal cases will not need a trial.

James Sullivan offer legal services that are affordable to most people, but he is definitely not the least expensive criminal attorneys in town.  Sullivan cares about his clients and works hard to get the best result for them.  If you need a Brazoria County Criminal Lawyer, call Sullivan at 281-546-6428 for a confidential consultation.

James Sullivan attended the Trial Lawyers College founded by Legendary lawyer Gerry Spence and was invited to join The National Trial Lawyers organization. Sullivan has a proven record of defending people from all walks of life, faiths and countries in courts throughout Texas.

A cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. -Oscar Wilde, writer (1854-1900)


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