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IMG_2906BThe Tyler, Texas Criminal Defense Attorneys James Sullivan and Associates have handled over 3,000 cases and have over 45 years experience defending adults and  juveniles in county and district courts in Smith County and throughout the State of Texas.

James (Jim) Sullivan is an experienced Tyler Criminal Defense Attorney. For over 20 years, Sullivan has successfully fought the government in Jury Trials on behalf of clients in criminal and juvenile courts.

James Sullivan attended the Trial Lawyers College founded by Legendary lawyer Gerry Spence and was invited to join The National Trial Lawyers organization. Sullivan has a proven record of defending people from all walks of life, faiths and countries in courts throughout Texas.

Defending Your Freedom

James Sullivan chose to become a criminal lawyer.  It was not by accident.  Fighting the government and defending people come natural to him—he was born into a diverse, dynamic family of conservative Baptists and liberal social activists.  Unlike many colleagues who practice criminal law, Sullivan has never prosecuted anyone and never will.  That is not him.  His entire career is devoted to defending people accused of crimes and delinquencies.

Proven Results

James Sullivan gets results (see Case Results).  Over the past 20 years, Sullivan has defended more than 3,000 people charged with every kind of criminal and juvenile case, including murder, aggravated robbery, drug cases, sex offenses, domestic assault and DWI.


James Sullivan practices criminal law with a simple philosophy.  If a client says he is not guilty, and if the prosecutor will not dismiss the charge, then Sullivan advises his client that they should fight the case at a jury trial.  Unlike many other attorneys, Sullivan does not try to convince an innocent person to plead guilty.  Instead, Sullivan fights for his clients’ freedom and reputation (see Trial Case Results).


James Sullivan has a good reputation in the legal community.  Sullivan is humbled by fine lawyers who endorse him on AVVO. He is also very grateful for clients who write testimonials on his behalf. Most of his business comes from referrals from past clients and other lawyers, although it is not necessary to have a referral for him to defend you.  Anyone can call Sullivan to represent them.

Contact Attorney James Sullivan

If you are under investigation or have been charged with a crime or delinquency, call Houston criminal defense attorney James Sullivan to discuss your case.

Sullivan generally tries to answer his own phone so that you can speak to an attorney directly. He wants to hear from you and to help you. Call him right now. Don’t go to court alone. To schedule an appointment or to discuss your case, call (281) 546-6428 right now.


Smith County is a county located in the U.S. state of Texas. In 2000, its population was 174,706 , while in 2007 it was estimated to have reached 198,705. Its county seat is Tyler. Smith county is named for James Smith, a general during the Texas Revolution. Smith County is no longer a “dry” county. A referendum passed on the second attempt on November 3, 2009, for the City of Winona; the proposition legalized the sale of beer, wine, and liquor within the city limits.
Tyler is also the home to Pine Cove, an awesome Christian family and youth camp that was created over 40 years ago to “be used by God to transform the lives of people for His purposes and His glory”.  Pine Cove has served over 1 million campers.

7th District Court
Located on the second floor of the Smith County Courthouse
100 N. Broadway, Room 203
Tyler, Texas 75702
Phone: (903) 590-1640
Fax: (903) 590-1641

Honorable Kerry L. Russell       Presiding Judge                  (903) 590-1640Terry Cockrum                       Civil Coordinator                (903) 590-1643Toni White                             Criminal Coordinator           (903) 590-1642Jennifer Lowrance                   Official Court Reporter        (903) 590-1647Officer T. J. Cutright                Bailiff                                (903) 590-1646
114th District Court
Smith County Courthouse
100 N. Broadway, Room 212
Tyler, Texas 75702

Honorable Christi Kennedy Presiding Judge (903) 590-1623
Tammy Camp-Miller Criminal Cases (903) 590-1623
Deborah Gross Civil Cases (903) 590-1625
Keith Johnson Official Court Reporter (903) 590-1628
Deputy Consauliea Mass Balliff (903) 590-1622

241st District Court
Smith County Courthouse
100 N. Broadway, Room 220
Tyler, Texas 75702
Fax: (903) 590-1631

Honorable Jack Skeen, Jr Presiding Judge (903) 590-1631
Denise Langston Civil Court Coordinator (903) 590-1634
Amanda Deck Criminal Court Coordinator (903) 590-1635
Steve Awbrey Official Court Reporter (903) 590-1631
Deputy Browne Careton Balliff (903) 590-1630

321st District Court

Smith County Courthouse
100 N. Broadway, Room xxx
Tyler, Texas 75702

Honorable Carole W. Clark Presiding Judge (903) 590-1602
Vicki Dunn Court Coordinator (903) 590-1602
Pat Ammons Assistant Court Coordinator (903) 590-1601
Kristy Crawford Official Court Reporter (903) 590-1603

Smith County Courthouse
100 N. Broadway, Room 209
Tyler, Texas 75702

Honorable Thomas A. Dunn Presiding Judge
Sharita “Chelle” Morrow Court Administrator/Criminal Court coordinator
Susan Gradick Civil Court Coordinator
Kim Christopher, CSR, RPR Official Court Reporter

Smith County Courthouse
100 N. Broadway, 1st Floor
Tyler, Texas 75702Phone: (903) 590-1610Fax: (903) 590-1608

Honorable Randall Lee Rogers Presiding Judge (903) 590-1610
Jodi House Civil Matters (including family Law) (903) 590-1611
Michelle Bridges Criminal Matters (903) 590-1609
Marcie Powell, CSR Official Court Reporter (903) 590-1614
Deputy Wanda Hunter Balliff (903) 590-1616
Deputy India Samuels Bailiff
John Goss Court Probation Office

Smith County Courthouse
100 N. Broadway, Room 303
Tyler, Texas 75702
Phone: (903) 590-1690
Fax: (903) 590-1696

Honorable Floyd Getz Presiding Judge (903) 590-1690
Laurita Vodak Court Coordinator
Adult Civil and Criminal Matters
(903) 590-1691
Patti Simmons Court Coordinator
Juvenile Matters
(903) 590-1692
Tandrea Baxter, CSR Official Court Reporter (903) 590-1694

Criminal District Attorney’s Office
Felony Division
Office: (903) 590-1720
Fax: (903) 590-1719
Criminal District Attorney’s Office
Misdemeanor Division
Office: (903) 590-1720
Fax: (903) 590-1715
Criminal District Attorney’s Office
Victims Services Division
Office: (903) 590-1742
Fax: (903) 590-1744
Criminal District Attorney’s Office
Hot Check Division
Office: (903) 590-2943
Fax: (903)590-2944
Criminal District Attorney’s Office
Civil Division
Office: (903) 590-4631
Fax:  (903) 590-1719
Criminal District Attorney’s Office
CPS Division
Office: (903) 590-4633
Fax:  (903) 590-4630
Criminal District Attorney’s office
Juvenile Services Division
Office: (903)535-0850 ext. 230
Fax:  (903) 535-0866
Sheriff’s Office
106 E. Elm Street
Tyler, Texas 75702
Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. M – F
Phone – (903) 590-2600
Fax – (903) 590-2659

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