False Arrest Case Won With Help Of Video

A homeless man in Paris

I love this story.   A bystander was filming with his cell phone when police harassed a homeless man for no apparent reason.  When the homeless man protested the police responded by illegally searching his bag.  Note, if your homeless, your bag is much like your home where ALL of your possessions are stored.  A man standing nearby protested the police man’s action and the police then turned on him.  In this instance, the police acted like a gang of bullies, doing whatever they wanted and anybody who protested was then outnumbered and singled out for harassment.  Houston Texans, get your cell phone cameras ready, learn to use them and video police anytime they anything like this.  If you have a video of a false arrest call Houston criminal defense attorneys James Sullivan and Associates at 281-546-6428 and they will fight for you rights.

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