Houston Criminal Lawyer Jim Sullivan – What we do is of great consequence for our clients.


EqualJusticeUnderLawGreat Consequence

Houston criminal lawyers Jim Sullivan & Associates know that what they do for their clients is of great importance to them, their reputation and their family.  Talk to an experienced Houston criminal lawyer to get the best result.

If you need a Harris county criminal trial lawyer, contact James Sullivan at (281) 546-6428 for a confidential consultation. Sullivan gets proven results in misdemeanor and felony criminal and juvenile cases in Harris, Fort Bend and Montgomery counties. Sullivan was invited to join The National Trial Lawyers association.

What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is in the end, of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do. ~John Ruskin, author, art critic, and social reformer (1819-1900)

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