Houston Criminal Lawyer James Sullivan Advises: Be Happy, Be Kind. Don’t Abuse Your Spouse.


FamilyViolence13Be Happy, Be Kind

Houston criminal lawyers James Sullivan and Associates represent many clients—mostly men—accused of Assault Family Violence for allegedly causing bodily injury to their spouse or family member. This is a serious offense. For a man to be convicted of intentionally and knowingly causing bodily injury (“pain”) to a woman, it is a crime of moral turpitude. Even if the accused receives a deferred adjudication and successfully completes the terms of probation, it is still a felony offense if the accused is subsequently accused of a second Assault Family Violence case. Knowing this, it is usually better to fight the first case than the second case because if the accused wins a dismissal or an acquittal on the first case, then the second case is also a misdemeanor. If the Assault occurs by way of choking, then it can be charged as a felony offense irrespective of whether or not it is the accused’s first offense or not.
Houston criminal trial lawyer, contact James Sullivan at (281) 546-6428 for a confidential consultation. Sullivan gets proven results in misdemeanor and felony criminal and juvenile cases in Harris, Fort Bend and Montgomery counties. Sullivan was invited to join The National Trial Lawyers association.
My wife and I were happy for 20 years. Then we met. ~Rodney Dangerfield, comedian (1921-2004)

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